Alternative Business Models of an Internet Marketing Firm

The previous post enumerated two of the four business models which may be adapted by an internet marketing firm. Internet marketing firms have become the latest and best marketing technique, and they follow standard commerce models when it comes to the execution of business.

Two models which were discussed in the last post were e-commerce and lead based websites. In this post, two more models will be explained. These are affiliate marketing and local internet marketing.

Affiliate marketing is fairly popular with an internet marketing firm. It is dependent on third party sales. Affiliate marketing is a process in which the product or service being used is developed by one person, and gains popularity by being sold to others with a fixed share of profits. These secondary buyers continue to promote the product to ensure its success, especially as they now have a definite stake in the company. While the owner of the product can promote his work by himself through letters and tracking facilities, the fact remains that most marketing relationships which involve affiliate marketing come as a consequence of e-commerce businesses.

Another effective strategy employed by an internet marketing firm is local internet marketing. When this plan is used, the company develops a strategy to hone real-world relationships by building rapports with big names through the use of the internet. Internet marketing agencies often use social media or online promotions for local internet marketing.

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